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Barbara M Whicker Thompson

Barbara M Whicker Thompson
Date of Birth:
December 9, 1937
Date Deceased:
December 25, 2023
Funeral Services
Delta City Cemetery
400 East 750 North
Date and Time:
December 29, 2023
Friday: 1:00 PM


Friends and Family may begin gathering at 11:30 at the Nickle Mortuary

Burial in the Delta City Cemetery

Barbara M Whicker Thompson

Barbara M Whicker Thompson, age 86, passed away December 25, 2023, in Spanish Fork, Utah. She was born in Salt Lake City on December 9, 1937, to Paul and Freida (Steele) Whicker, good pioneer stock of Utah. She was welcomed by big sister, Bonnie, and a year later by little brother, James. They moved to The Farmhouse in Hinckley, Utah, and their home quickly became a gathering place. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and many cousins spent weeks in the summer visiting, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Her friends banded together under the auspicious name of ‘The Gutter Gang’ and spent many happy hours playing games, riding horses and attending school. This gave Barbara a love of family and friends that continued throughout her life.

Barbara’s Steele grandparents ran the Hotel on Delta Main Street, and she spent blissful hours playing with cousins in the yard. Once, she broke her arm when her parents were out of town, and with no doctor in Delta, her grandmother drove out to Topaz Relocation Camp for a doctor to set her arm. The Hinckley Schools were cherished by Barbara, and she was a Hinckley Mustang even after attending her last two years of High School in Delta. She was proud of the fact she got a double promotion in early Elementary. Barbara attended every dance held at school. She said her mother made sure she had a new dress for each dance.

Once Bevan Thompson saw Barbara, his heart was taken. He pursued her and loved her eternally. They married June 10, 1955 in Manti. They started their life together in a small one-bedroom, no bathroom house in Lynndyl and had a daughter, Mary Lou. Bevan added a bathroom before they upgraded to a two bedroom in Delta, where Kenneth B. was born. The UPRR (Union Pacific Railroad) soon opened a job in Caliente, NV and they moved out of Utah. They made many lifelong friends there and had Barbara Kaye “Katie”. They soon returned to their house in Delta and pushed out the walls to accommodate their growing family.

Barbara worked in the Primary and helped write many programs. Her love of music always showed through her endeavors. Barbara was a “clean freak” and could be found vacuuming and singing at full volume most days. Was always involved in a 4th of July float and stuffed many colored napkins into chicken wire before “modern” floats kits were available.  Was a member of the Pinochle Club for years. Weekly visits to her sister and sisters-in-law were cherished. While all of this was going on, Bevan and Barbara lost a son, James, at birth and were heart broken vowing to end expanding their family. To their surprise Mike was born, and he was followed by Margie which completed their happy family. In railroad terms, they always said they had two cabooses. However, their little house was bursting, and it was with much delight they bought a new house which remains in the family and is a place of joy.

With her children in school she worked at Sears, Valley Bank, Zions, and ConTel. She always enjoyed talking to people and had many friends to go on “COKE” breaks with. Coke breaks consisted of lots of laughter, dragging main, and analyzing neighbor activity. Bevan and Barbara could dance up a storm and their children used to beg them to jitter bug. They could be found dancing at the Legion Hall on Saturday nights and hosting breakfast in the early hours. When their youngest graduated from High School the UPRR, again, had them uproot and move to Salt Lake City. Barbara worked at Zions Bank in Salt Lake City and retired soon after Bevan.

Their first summer as free birds, they drove through Canada to Alaska. Soon they were traveling south every winter and moved their home base to Cedar City, where they modernized the old Thompson cottage into another friendly abode. Becoming Snowbirds, they RV’d with childhood, high school, family, old and new friends eventually landing in Foothills Yuma, Arizona.

Barbara was an avid reader and a history buff. She could discuss World War II, the Civil War, and UK History as well as anyone. Barbara was able to visit the Old South and see New Orleans and plantation mansions, which she loved. A girl’s trip was taken with her daughters, and she visited England; taking in the White Tower, Hampton Court, boating on the Thames, and Stonehenge. She was able to stay in Devonshire and visit the church where many, many generations of Whickers were married and viewed their records. Barbara visited Paris and Versailles. She walked a lengthy six miles through Marie Antoinette’s village and enjoyed every moment. Many giggles and stories were shared.

Age catches us all. Bevan and Barbara could no longer make the drive to Yuma every winter and so their children took them down and brought them back until they could no longer make the trip. Barbara, a devoted wife, took care of Bevan, and eventually they moved back to Delta to be closer to family. The isolation brought by COVID-19 was detrimental to two people who loved friends and visitors. Bevan passed away, February 18, 2021. A heartbroken Barbara’s determination to go forward was defeated by dementia and she seemed to give up.  Her last years have been at Legacy House.  The family would like to particularly thank Corrie from Hospice and Nikki from Legacy.

Barbara is preceded in death by her husband: Bevan Thompson; son: James; and her siblings: Bonnie, and James. She is survived by three daughters and two sons: Mary Lou (Marvin) Jacobson, Kenneth Thompson, Katie (Rob) Johnson, Michael (Kathy) Thompson, and Margie (Lynn) Thomas. She leaves a legacy of 16 grandchildren and many great grandchildren.

A Graveside Service for Barbara will be at Delta City Cemetery, Friday, December 29 at 1:00pm. Friends and family may begin gathering at the Nickle Mortuary at 11:30am, before traveling to the cemetery.

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